Resistance that clicks™
The First Premium Resistance Band

The First Resistance Band with a Buckle

Buckleband Starter Set
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Resistance That Clicks

Buckleband takes resistance training and makes it easy with a click. Designed in Los Angeles, Buckleband is the world’s first premium resistance band, and the only resistance band with a buckle. Bucklebands are made from industrial-strength silicone, and tested at twice their maximum resistance level to ensure they will not break.  Each Buckleband Starter Set includes a travel bag and 4 bands: light, medium, heavy and extra-heavy.

4 Resistance & Tension Levels:

  • Light Buckleband: 15-25lbs
  • Medium Buckleband: 25-35lbs
  • Heavy Buckleband: 35-45lbs
  • X-Heavy Buckleband: 45-55lbs

*Each Buckleband is 24 inches in circumference, including the buckle. Traditional resistance bands are 24 inches in circumference, exclusive of a buckle.

Our unique buckle and lock provide a secure mechanism to make sure the band is easy to use, while providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

Everyday Fitness

We designed Buckleband to make fitness easy for everyone, from serious athletes to beginners. Bucklebands range in tension from 15-25 lbs up to 45-55 lbs, providing the perfect band for each individual's needs and goals.

Physical Therapy

Resistance bands are the number one rehabilitation tool and are frequently recommended by physical therapists. Buckleband's unique and versatile buckle design brings next-level comfort and ease, making it the perfect aid for every stage of recovery.


Buckleband is the perfect complement for your maternity workout. Buckleband is designed with a unique buckle that easily fastens, eliminating the awkwardness of using bands with your bump. You can rely on Buckleband for all your maternity workouts.